Nightingales' motto is - "Team work makes the dream work..."

Our Story

We're Fun, Yet Structured...

We are a large, “Proudly South African” team working together for the benefit of your children.  Nightingales is a fully licensed and registered entity (Dpt of Health & Dpt of Social Development), which has been in operation for nearly 2 decades.

The owner is a Registered Nursing Sister and Midwife with a Diploma in Nursing (General, Psychiatric, Community) and Midwifery.


We DO NOT accommodate Primary school children for aftercare

The risk of accidents and injuries to the little ones in the daycare environment is thus, greatly reduced...

Hygiene is of the utmost importance!!!. The nursery is run according to STRICT NURSING PRINCIPLES, implemented by the owner ( Nicky) who is a qualified and Registered Nursing Sister.

The Nursery

Comprised of 2 sections 
A full time supervisor and team-leader is on duty in this building.

Babies & Toddlers - The Little Ones

The baby section
A maximum of 8 cots are accommodated in this section.  This section caters for babies aged +/-3 months to +/- 11 months.  Each baby has their own cot. (WE DO NOT SHARE COTS!) Three dedicated staff service this section.
The Toddler section
Caters for children aged approximately 12 months to 23 months.  They have either their own cot or a mattress for sleep-time depending on their age or preference of the parent. Six dedicated staff are on full time duty in this section.

The Little Grown Ups

The 0000 Group (2 - 3 Year)
This section caters for children aged approximately 24 to 36 months. This is the beginner class, with a basic, yet structured learning program, which is age-appropriate.  A teacher and two assistants take care of the little ones in this class. Completed work is sent home every 2 weeks so parents can keep an eye on progress.  Potty training is commenced in this class once the children have settled inn.
The 000 Group (3 - 4 Year)
Caters for children form 3 - 4 years. A specific learning program is followed which is more advanced than the group below. A planned ciriculum is followed for the year. Completed work is sent home every second so parents can keep an eye on progress.
The 00 Group (4 - 5 Year)
A planned ciriculum is followed for the year in this group  A challenging learning program prepares the children for grade 0/ grade R Often children repeat an extra year with us following our advanced program Advantages of the advanced program Pre-writing and writing skills Recognition of numerals Recognition of Alphabet - Capitals and lower case Confidence Leadership Comparrisons Problem solving-skills Fine and Gross Motor skills training Hand-eye co-orination Grip correction full time duty in this section.


There are 2 playgrounds on the premises
Playtimes are staggered and age groups are NOT permitted to mix on the playgrounds

Play Ground Overview

Playground 1
Designated Secure Undercover Play Area CCTV monitored Supervised Play at all times Fully fenced and gated Fitted with leisure lawn to avoid noo-noos, grass allergies, etc.  It is hypo-allergenic, hygienic and easy to maintain.  The equipment is age appropriate.
Playground 2
Only For use of older children and outdoor extra-mural activities when needed, Used when Playground 1 is not suitable for activity Kilimanjaro outdoor non-slip tiles High density crash matts underneath and around the jungle gym.   Equipment is age appropriate.  Under CCTV monitoring Supervised play at all times Fully fenced and gated
We Provide:
Breakfast - 07h00 - 07h45 Lunch - 11h30
Parents provide:
Morning Snack Afternoon Snack Juice/ Milk/ Tea - for the day

Emergency call 082 875 5564