About Us

Our Staff

  • Other than the owner, there are 16 full time staff members (whom you will recognize by uniform), working at Nightingales. Our staff to child ratio is 1: 3 in the nursery and 1:4 in the toddler section.
  • The First step group has a teacherand two full time assistants - meets normal acceptable pre-school requirements.
  • The 000 Group (3 - 4 year) has a teacher and a full time assistant - meets normal acceptable pre- school requirements.
  • The 00 Group (4 - 5 year) has ateacher and a full time assistant - meets normal acceptable pre-school requirements.
  • 4 dedicated first aiders are in daily attendance.
The development, health and well being of each child is monitored closely and parents are informed personally on a daily basis, should there be any reason for concern.
We believe in working closely with the parent for the benefit of the child; and to enable the parent to continue their career with the least possible worry..

Our mission

Our aim at Nightingales is to:

  • Provide a caring, exciting, safe and hygienic environment for your child.
  • Provide professional and quality care.
  • Provide nursing/ medical advice, pertaining to pediatric development and minor ailments associated with young babies and young children.
  • Encourage learning through play.
  • Allow children freedom of movement and expression, wherever possible, without any unnecessary restrictions.
  • Encourage social development and acceptable behaviour through contact with other children, regardless of race or religion.
  • Liaise with all parents in all respects to ensure continuity of care and security of both the children and their parents

Emergency call 082 875 5564